Avce ict unit 6 coursework

She is now in publishing and has written several books on IT. Pat Heathcote has worked as a programmer and systems analyst, and has many years of experience in teaching Computing and Information Technology. She is now a full-time author and publisher. Spelling and Grammar - get it right!

Avce ict unit 6 coursework

You will have been shared a Google form that contains 6 questions. These questions relate to images that are contained in three image folders, and there are links to these folders on the right. Activity 1 Look at the images contained within Image folders A and B. These images have been used in a range of applications and you need to decide the various applications that these images have been used for.

Make your selections on the Google form Unit 6 Understanding the applications and features of digital graphics Questions 1 and 2. This form has been shared with you. Activity 2 Within Image folder C, look at Image 1which is used by Greenpeace to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Using the google form Unit 6 Understanding the applications and features of digital graphics, tick the features that you believe apply to this image. Activity 3 Within Image folder C, look at Image 2which is used by Greenpeace to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Activity 4 Using Image 1 again, and Question 5 identify the purpose of Image 1. Then using Question 6 identify the target audience for the image. Activity 5 Image 1 and Image 2 are designed to be used as large posters and magazine adverts. Produce an annotated copy of each image explaining why these graphics are good for this purpose and the effect that they will have on the audience.

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Some have used graffiti within their design and your manager would like to hear your opinion of how effective this is. Choose a number of these images and give the strengths and weaknesses of the graphics, comparisons between images.

Explain how any of the images discussed may have differing effects on different audiences. Choose at least two images and describe how you would improve them so that they fulfill their purpose more effectively. Preliminary skills learning before Section B Modifying an image of an eye In this lesson, you will use a select number of tools within Photoshop to modify an image as requested.

A copy of the eye image is located at the bottom of the page where you can download it. There is also a useful link to a web page that details all the tools available in Photoshop. Spooky Eye Spooky Eye Creating graffiti text There is an excellent free online resource for creating graffiti text that you can save as a.

Once saved, you may need to open in Photoshop and remove the background colour to reveal the transparency. Thirty seconds with the Magic Wand Tool should do it.AVCE than GCE in the same subjects. For example, in /02 AVCE AS ICT had a pass rate of % compared with % for GCE AS ICT.

Pass rates on AVCEs also vary between subjects. The AVCE single award in manufacturing had the lowest levels.

Avce ict unit 6 coursework

Encuentra AVCE Information and Communications Technology Units Pt. 1 Units de R.P. Richards, Pat M. Heathcote (ISBN: ) en Amazon. Envíos gratis a partir de 19€. When I took over in presenting this unit of the AVCE course, I was loaned some other teaching resources.

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One was a binder of past handouts, classroom exercises and other paperwork, another was a copy of a book designed to accompany this and similar courses (Heathcote, ). AQA AVCE ICT - Unit 9. Advanced VCE Unit 9 _ About this Unit.

and Intermediate Unit 6: Graphics and Desktop Publishing. It has links with Advanced Units 8: Interactive Multimedia Presentations, Publishing and Internet Services and Web page Design. This unit may be useful if you want to use your artistic skills along with.

Apr 24,  · - ICT - GNVQ ICT - Computer Studies. They don't usually offer more than one course of the same kind. AVCE in Information and Communication Technology at The Lakes School Course description.

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Units taken: Unit 1: Presenting Information. Unit 2: ICT Serving Organisations - external exam. Unit 3: Advanced spreadsheet solutions - assessed by portfolio.

Those students wishing to continue to the full Advanced award take Year 13 courses for units

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