Safe motherhood essay

Duringan integrated maternal and child health MCH and Immunisation Programme was initiated. The CSSM Programme aims at sustaining such good performance, at the same time it attempts to strengthen to immunisation services in the states where the coverage is not satisfactory. This Programme undertakes the augmentation of various activities under the Oral Rehydration Therapy ORT Programme, the universalisation of the prophylaxis schemes for the control of anaemia in pregnant women and activities for the control of blindness in children.

Safe motherhood essay

Mary Eberstadt Summer Almost two decades before J.

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Wilson, one of the most eminent social scientists of the 20th century, identified the root of America's fracturing in the dissolution of the family.

He used the opportunity to introduce a new line of sociological argument: The image of "two nations," Wilson explained, harked back to an novel by Benjamin Disraeli, the future prime minister of Great Britain.

These were the separate, non-intersecting worlds of rich and poor. Between these two nations Disraeli described, there was "no intercourse and no sympathy" — they were "as ignorant of each other's habits, thoughts, and feelings, as if they were Instead, it had become all about the family — specifically, whether one hailed from a broken or intact home.

As it has become weaker, every structure built upon that foundation has become weaker. A quintessential embodiment of the neoconservatism of the time, his argument harnessed decades of the kind of social science that had been channeled into the pages of The Public Interest and related venues.

His speech was also, of course, part of the continuing commentary on the problems famously and infamously identified inin Daniel Patrick Moynihan's report on The Negro Family.

Byas Wilson explained, family breakdown in America was no longer a phenomenon of the ghetto, but a fact of everyday life for more and more of the country. Wilson pointed above all to the library that social science had been building for decades, filled with books and studies about the correlations between family particulars and behavioral probabilities.

Family structure, he demonstrated, had become more important to positive outcomes than race, income, or one's station at birth: Children in one-parent families, compared to those in two-parent ones, are twice as likely to drop out of school. Boys in one-parent families are much more likely than those in two-parent ones to be both out of school and out of work.

Girls in one-parent families are twice as likely as those in two-parent ones to have an out-of-wedlock birth.

These differences are not explained by income The research was overwhelming, all of it proving the point that a stable family has come to trump material assets as the main currency of these two new nations. So much of this social-science evidence now exists, Wilson joked, that "even some sociologists believe it.

Twenty years ago, evidence from all over the social sciences already indicated that the sexual revolution was leaving a legacy of destruction. Two decades, and many more books and scholars and research studies later, a whole new wing has been added to that same library Wilson drew from, all demonstrating the same point he emphasized throughout his speech: The new wealth in America is familial wealth, and the new poverty, familial poverty.Biological Differences Between Men and Women With Respect to Physical Aggression and Social Stability.

I need to start this post off by explaining that I am NOT a salesperson. I have been begged by dozens of friends to join their teams in every business possible but I have always respectfully declined, mostly because I am a crazy busy Mom of 5 with literally NO spare time.

We joke about drinking wine as a necessity in motherhood, but when it becomes a mechanism for coping with parenting demands, it's a problem. Jul 27,  · Kim Brooks is the author of the forthcoming “Small Animals: Parenthood in the Age of Fear,” from which this essay is adapted.

Safe motherhood essay

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